2023 Winter Release Roundup

winter feature product release roundup announced with two business owners

With the end of the year upon us, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the journey of software features and enhancements released over the past months.

From streamlined user interfaces to features that have redefined the way you work, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that our software continues to evolve, exceed your expectations, and bring you the most bang for your buck.

New Features and Capabilities

Stripe for Credit Card Payments

What’s better than a fast customer payment? Hmm. We can’t think of anything either! We’ve partnered with Stripe so you can easily offer credit card payments to your customers and get paid FASTER. Read more about our Stripe Integration.

Print Payroll Preview Report

Everyone loves surprises, except in payroll. Whether you’re an accountant ensuring transparency for clients or an admin seeking approval, our Payroll Preview Report is your solution. Get a printed preview of your payroll before you click approve. No more guessing! Check out the Payroll Preview Report for more info.

Taxability by Money Type

Customizable payroll is our mantra. Now, you can customize your money type based on specific tax situations. More customization, and less outreach to support – that has us all doing a happy dance! Read more about the Taxability by Money Type.

Preview W-2 Forms

You’ll be able to get a jump on employee W-2 accuracy by using our Preview W-2 form. Now view all to date employee W-2 info and correct errors well before the end-of-the-year deadlines. See the Preview W-2 Form update blog for more info.

Improvements You’re Going to Love

You are passionate about your business and committed to its continuous improvement. We get it. It’s how we feel about our software too. You deserve powerful, user-friendly software that adapts to your evolving needs.

We’ve brought our links within easy reach so you can save, print, or return to step one of payroll without needing to scroll.

Preview Payroll Report

We’ve added a new payroll preview report on the reports page, so you and users with view reports permissions can see either the summary or details preview with a quick click.

Combined Collection Notifications

We’ve streamlined the interface by consolidating the direct deposit and tax collections on step 2 of payroll so you know how much is being withdrawn and when.

Enhanced Notification for Deductions

Let’s hear it for better notifications! We’ve added a banner that will display if there were deductions that did not come out of an employee’s payroll so you won’t miss it.

Improved Invoice Page Functionality

We’ve improved the performance of the invoice page in the accounting software so it loads faster than you can say “lickety-split.”

Time Card Page Improvements

We’ve added employee pending statuses to the “Manage time card page.” Forget about guesswork on when the effective date of an employee is or the final paydate if applicable.

Unsaved Comment Checks

We’ve incorporated a handy validation feature to ensure comments are saved on your timecard before navigating away. No more communication breakdowns!

Mobile Time Card Display

Your employees are on the go and we noticed it. We’ve made a better mobile timecard experience for those employees who are clocking on their mobile devices.

Type-ahead Addresses

Guess what’s new and super convenient? We’ve jazzed up our system with auto-suggest addresses! Now, when adding or updating a company address you will be able to simply select from our smart suggestions with a click.

Box 14 Character Limit Increase

We’ve given the Box 14 label on your W-2s an extended character limit. No more cracking code words – now you can put more info on the label and ditch the decoder ring!

End-of-the-year Forms

We’ve made it easier for you to find your end-of-year forms! We’ve moved them all under one section, so you can spend less time searching and more time relaxing.

NEXT Insurance Quoter Upgrade

AP Intego is now NEXT Insurance. Our integration lets you get a quote for Pay As You Go workers’ compensation insurance right from your Patriot account. Seamless, speedy, convenient–and no high-pressure sales!

PosterElite Partnership

Plate full? We get it. We’ve partnered with PosterElite to help you take one more thing off your plate: Labor poster law requirements. You can sign up within seconds, and we’ll keep you compliant with federal, state, and local posters and automatic updates!

Upgraded Employee Portal Log In

Employees who use the employee portal now are experiencing the new and improved login process. Security is our top priority, and we’ve taken steps to make sure sensitive information stays safe and sound.

Message to Employees for Year-end

Leading reasons for W-2 corrections? Wrong employee names, addresses, or Social Security Numbers. To proactively tackle this, we’ve introduced a friendly nudge in the employee portal for employees to double-check their info.

On-Page End-of-Year FAQs

Get ready for a smooth sail into the end of the year with our on-page FAQs! Your burning end-of-the-year questions are now just a click away.

FoxHIRE Partnership

Need employees out of the country or your state, but don’t want to deal with everything that comes with a new hire? We’ve partnered with FoxHire, a complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance for headache-free hiring.

Based on Your Feedback

Behind our stellar software lies a secret weapon: you, our valued customer. Your feedback inspires us to eliminate unnecessary clicks and engineer ingenious workflows. Keep those insights flowing! Together, we’re forging a path to software innovation to streamline your tasks so you can get in, get out, and get back to what matters most – your business.

Deductions & Contributions Toggle

Now you can show or remove inactive deductions or contributions with a click of a toggle so you’ll have the info you filtered right at your fingertips. Breathe easy with seamless filtering.

Multiple S-Corp Contributions

We’re like a genie, and your wish is our command. Now there is more functionality to S Corp Health contributions so you can add customizable labels, like HSA and more on payrolls and W-2s.

Assign All Employees to New Clients

Accountant partners have a default setting to allow all employees of their firm access to new client accounts. We heard you cheering on this one accountants!

Manage Time Off Improvements

We’ve turbocharged this report with lightning speed and equipped it with a search bar for effortless employee management. No more endless scrolling!

Keeping You Compliant

What kind of partner would we be if we weren’t insistent about making sure you are compliant and safeguarding your data? Rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered, ensuring both compliance and data security.

Tax Updates

Those taxes keep rolling in. No worries, we got you! We’ve added 4 new taxes and 63 different tax updates to keep your payroll taxes compliant with timely updates.

Quality Assurance Tests

We’ve amped up our automated quality assurance tests, throwing in an impressive 95 new ones since August.

EIN Format Updates

Two states have updated their EIN format, putting us into swift action. We’ve updated our system to accommodate these changes and ensured that our customers’ records are up to date.

The New Year is Looking Bright!

We’re excited about what is on the horizon. And with more features and enhancements in the future, you can be too! Here is a sneak peek at what we’re working on now:

  • Time card times displayed in employee work time zone — coming in December!
  • Improved W-2 creation process — coming in December!
  • W-2 Print Settings — coming in December!
  • Stripe integration for ACH payments – Join the beta group here.
  • Multiple pay rates on timecards – If you have employees with multiple jobs and pay rates, don’t hesitate to sign up for the beta group here.
  • Overnight Shift Support & Warning for Missed Punches – We’re looking for beta testers.
  • Pay Schedules – Pay schedules are currently in development. Want to join in on the fun? Sign up here!
  • Mobile App for Employee Time & Attendance – Do your employees want to be the first to try our beta version of the employee time app? Sign up for the beta release here.
  • Employee Portal MFA — coming Quarter 1

Want to suggest the next great thing for the software? Let us know how we can make Patriot better for you. We’d love to hear from you. Submit your feedback.

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