W-2 Preview Form

W-2 preview example

Picture this, it’s tax time and you are knee-deep in paperwork. The pressure is on to ensure that every employee’s W-2 is accurate and error-free. That’s why we’ve created the W-2 preview Form, a feature that gives you the ability to view and review all data to date and address any potential issues early before it’s the end-of-the-year “crunch time.” 

The W-2 Preview form is a snapshot of the data at the time of generating the preview. When previewing W-2 forms you’ll have one copy of each employee’s W-2 watermarked “Preview.” A preview of the W-2 for each employee gives you the chance to review the details and ensure everything is accurate from names and Social Security numbers to income and deductions. 

Benefits Galore

  1. Say goodbye to typos and amended returns: you’ll catch them before you file!
  2. Time-saving: No more back-and-forth corrections with deadlines looming
  3. Peace of mind: enjoy a stress-free tax season knowing your employee W-2s are accurate and error-free. 

Learn more about our W-2 Preview Form and get a head start on employee W-2s — because we firmly believe “crunch time” should only be about snacking on your favorite chips.

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