Payroll Process Step 2 - Approve Payroll

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Payroll Process Step 2 – Approve Payroll

Step 2 shows the calculated payroll for each employee and details of each check. Use this preview to verify and confirm your amounts are correct. Your payroll has not been finalized until you click the “Approve Payroll” button.

A summary will show each employee’s total hours, gross pay, and net pay. Click View Details to see the Paycheck Details.

1. Paycheck Details will show the following sections:

  • Hours and Earnings: The number of hours and any additional money paid.  Any money types taxed at the flat supplemental tax rate will appear in a separate Supplemental Earnings section. Any non-taxable money types will appear in a separate Non-Taxable section.
  • Deductions: All money deducted from employee pay.
  • Employee Taxes: Any taxes withheld from employee earnings. If a money type is taxed at the flat supplemental tax rate, an additional Federal Tax line will show the flat tax withheld.
  • Deductions Not Withheld: Any scheduled deductions not deducted from this paycheck due to low earnings.
  • Employer Contributions: Any money the employer contributes. These amounts do not affect employee earnings or net pay, and are for informational purposes only.
  • Employer Taxes: Any tax the employer is responsible for paying.
  • Deposits/Check Details: Details the method of payment to the employee.

(Note: If you are a Full Service Payroll customer, a Payroll Tax Summary section will appear at the bottom of the screen. This shows all employee and employer taxes that Patriot Software will debit from your bank account and deposit on your behalf.)

If you are paying contractors in this payroll, you can also view the details of each contractor check and the totals.

2. Choose an action:

  • Edit employee payroll. To make changes to your employees, click “Back To Employees” to go back to the Payroll Entry screen. Enter your changes, and click the “Continue” button again.
  • Edit contractor payroll. To make changes to your contractors, click “Back to Contractors.”  Enter your changes, and click “Review Payroll” button again to come back to Step 2.
  • Approve the payroll. Click the “Approve Payroll” button. Proceed to the final Step 3 – Print Paychecks.
  • Cancel the payroll. To delete all information entered in the payroll entry screen and start over, click the “Cancel Payroll” link at the bottom left of the screen. You can start over with a new Payroll Entry page.

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