Managing Time Cards

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Managing Time Cards

The “Manage Time Cards” page allows the employer to view a list of time cards grouped by pay period for each employee.

An interactive dashboard will display:

  • The total number of time cards you are viewing currently 
  • The number of time cards you have approved. Click “View” to see the approved time cards.
  • The number of time cards that are ready to approve. Click “View’ to see the ready-to-approve time cards.
  • The number of pending time cards that need to be completed by your employees. Click “View” to see the time cards that are still pending.

Go to Payroll > Time and Attendance Tasks > Manage Time Cards

  • Select the pay frequency. (This is only shown if you have more than one frequency for your employees.)
  • Select your pay period.  By default, the pay period will be the current time period.
  • Click “Run Report.”
  • Click the  “Show Inactives” toggle to see inactive employees in the list.

On the Manage Time Cards page, you can:

  • Make any edits to the timecards as needed by selecting the employee name. The link will direct you to the employee timecard.
  • “Nudge” your employees by selecting employee time cards that are still pending and clicking the envelope icon on the top left of the column A message lightbox will appear. You can customize or send the email to the employees. Note: your employee must have the employee portal set up to use the nudge feature.
  • Approve timecards directly on the Manage Time Cards page. You can also approve directly on the employee time card, whichever you prefer. Select the check box on the right to mass approve all time cards.
    • Time cards must be manager-approved to send them to payroll.
    • After a time card is manager-approved, the manager can still edit the time card, but the employee cannot.
  • Send Approved Time Cards to Payroll. After you have approved the time cards, click the “Send To Payroll” button at the bottom of the page.
    • All unpaid time cards that are manager-approved will be sent to payroll.
    • Even after approved time cards are sent to payroll, their status remains “unpaid” until the payroll is finished. See the full article Sending Approved Time Cards to Payroll.
  • View closed time cards in the Edit/View column, click “View” to view a time card. No edits can be made after a timecard has been paid.

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