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Correcting Time Card Hours After Sending to Payroll

You can correct hours on a time card after you have sent the time card to payroll. If you have not yet finished your payroll, follow these steps:

1. If you are on Step 1 (Enter Payroll), clear all hours on the Payroll Entry screen.  Click the Clear Entries link in the bottom left corner, and click Yes to confirm. Note: If you try to resend the time cards to payroll without first clearing the Payroll Entry screen, a message will remind you to complete your unfinished payroll before sending more time cards.

2. If you are on Step 2 (Approve Payroll), click Back To Step 1.  Clear the entries using the same method above.

3. Go to Payroll > Time and Attendance Tasks > Manage Time Cards

4. Select the correct pay period.

5. Click Edit on the employee time card that needs corrected. Make your changes, click Exit Time Card, then Yes to save.

6. Click the Send to Payroll button again.

7. The employee’s corrected hours will now appear in Step 1 (Enter Payroll).  Proceed with payroll as usual.

If you have already finished your payroll, follow these steps:

  1. You will need to first void the paychecks for the time cards you need to correct.
  2. Go to Payroll > Time and Attendance Tasks > Manage Time Cards and follow the same steps starting on Step 3 above to edit the time card and send it to payroll.  You will run a new payroll with the corrected time card.

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