How To Void or Cancel A Paycheck in Patriot's Payroll Software

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How To Void or Cancel A Paycheck in Patriot’s Payroll Software

When you void or cancel a check, you will reverse the payment made to the employee, including earnings, deductions, contributions, and all taxes. You can void multiple checks at a time.  Note:  If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, you may only void checks that have not yet been included in tax filings.

If you need to void a check for a contractor paid in payroll, see Voiding a Contractor Payment.

Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Void Checks

  1. A list of checks that are available to void will appear.  If you have our payroll tax filing service, you will not be able to void checks from past tax periods that have already been filed.  If needed, you can select a different pay date (back to the previous month), and click “Run Report.”
  2. You can click “View Details” beside each check to confirm this is the check that you want to void.
  3. Check the box beside each check to void, and click “Void Selected Checks.”  You can void up to 10 checks at one time.  To void more checks, repeat these steps again.
  4. A confirmation screen showing the paycheck detail will appear with a confirmation asking “Are You Sure You Want To Void These Checks?” Click Yes to void the checks. Click No to return to the payroll detail screen without voiding.
  5. In the Payroll Register and in Employee Check History, you will see that the check has been voided in red lettering at the top of the check, and the date the check was voided.

You can also void a single check directly from a report:

Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Register

  • Select the pay date range to find the check you want to void.
  • At the bottom of the check detail, click the “Void This Check” link.


Payroll > Employees > Employee List

  • Select the name of the employee whose check you want to void.
  • Click the “Paychecks” link.
  • Select the pay date range to find the check you want to void.
  • At the bottom of the check detail, click the “Void This Check” link.

Once you have found the check you want to void, proceed with the confirmation screen in Step 4 above.

If you use direct deposit, you may be able to stop the collection and payment to the employee, if you have voided before the deadline.  See Voiding Direct Deposit Paychecks for details.


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