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Voiding A Vendor Payment

When you void a payment, you will reverse the payment you made to the vendor. You can void one check at a time.  You can also delete the vendor payment, which will remove it from your reports. See Void or Delete a Transaction:  What’s the difference?

If you have paid a contractor in payroll, you can also void the check in payroll. See Voiding a Contractor Payment.

1. Find the check that you want to void or delete in one of two ways:

  • Reports > Accounting > Vendor Reports > Vendor Payment History
  • Select the vendor whose check you want to void or delete.
  • Select the check date range and click Run Report.


  • Accounting > Payables > Vendors > Vendor Name 
  • Click the “Payments” link for that vendor.
  • Enter the check date range and click Run Report.

2. Once you have located the check, follow these steps:

  • Click either “Void Check” or “Delete” at the bottom of the check detail.
  • A confirmation screen will appear asking if you are sure.
  • Click “Yes” to proceed or “No” to return to the previous screen without voiding or deleting.

For voided checks, you will see the date the check was voided on the Vendor Payment History report and on the Vendor Payments screen.

Deleted checks will be hidden from this report, but you can view them on your Modified Transactions Report.

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