Voiding vs. Deleting Transactions in Patriot | What's the Difference?

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Void or Delete a Transaction: What’s the difference?

As an Accounting software customer, you have the option to make changes or corrections to various transactions, such as customer invoices, customer estimates (for Premium customers), journal entries, and vendor invoices.

You may see the option to either void or delete.  What’s the difference?

  • When you void a transaction, the original entry will still appear in your General Ledger report, and an additional reversing entry will be posted and shown as voided.  Any invoices or payments that are voided will also show a status of “Voided.” 
  • When you delete a transaction, the original entry will not appear in your General Ledger report but will show in the Modified Transactions report.  Any customer invoices or estimates and vendor invoices that are deleted will appear in your lists as long as you keep the “Delete” status selected.  

Note:  If you have Accounting Premium, the ability to edit or delete transactions is permission-based.  If you do not see these options, contact your company administrator.

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