Manager Permissions: Managing Team Time Cards in the Employee Portal

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Manager Permissions: Managing Team Time Cards in the Employee Portal

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If you have been designated as a “Manager” in Patriot, you may have access to approve time cards of team members you manage in your employee portal. Be sure you are registered to access your Employee Portal. For information for account administrators, see Employee Portal Registration Access.

Managers with permissions will see a “My Team” section in the left menu in their employee portal. The links that appear in this section will depend on the permissions set by your account administrator. For more details, see Manager Settings.  

⚠️ Please handle personal identifiable information (PII) with caution, and consult your company’s HR department’s policies. Also, check out the US Department of Labor for guidance.

Managing team time cards

You may have the ability to do one or more of the following:

  • View time cards
  • Approve and reject time cards (and nudge employees)
  • Edit time cards

If you have permission to approve/reject/nudge: Select the checkbox next to the employee’s name to quickly approve or reject the time card. You can also nudge the employee if they haven’t submitted their time card. For a more detailed look at the employee’s time card, select the employee’s name. From here, you can view their hours by day and approve/reject/nudge.

If you have permission to edit: You can edit the employee’s time card by selecting their name. Here, you can view their hours by day. You can make an edit by clicking the hours worked in a day. Then, you can change the number and select “Save Time Card.”

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