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Setting Up Printed Paychecks in Patriot Software


If you print paper paychecks to pay your employees, you will need to make sure the checks print correctly on your check stock. If you handwrite checks or pay direct deposit and only need to print pay stubs, you will not need to format a check layout, as the pay stub information can be printed on plain paper and given to your employees.  Learn more about pay stubs on our blog.

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How To Set Your Paycheck Printing Options In Patriot Software

In Patriot Software, you have two options for printing paper checks:

  1. Use pre-printed check stock that contains your bank account number using MICR ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) as required by financial institutions
  2. Or you can print checks on blank check stock, as long as you use MICR toner in your printer.

Paychecks are printed on one 8 1/2 x 11 page at a time.  The checks can be printed with the check either on the top third of the page or the bottom third of the page. The remaining two-thirds of the page will be used for pay stub details. We do not offer duplicate stubs on the same check.

Paycheck formatting in Patriot's payroll software. Screenshot shows one check on top example and one check on bottom example.

If you use pre-printed checks, you can adjust the location of items printed on your checks, such as name, date, dollars, employee name, check number, etc., so the checks print correctly on your pre-printed check stock. Once you arrange the items, print a sample check to confirm your layout is correct.

To format your printed checks:

  • Settings > Payroll Settings > Paycheck Printing Options
  • Select your printing method:
    • No Printing Needed:  If you do not need to print any kind of checks or stubs, due to offering direct deposit services and giving employees their pay stub information electronically through the employee portal, select this option.
    • Check Stub Only:  If you handwrite your checks or offer direct deposit and do not need to print live checks, choose “Check Stub Only.”  You will print your check stubs on blank paper.
    • Check On Top:  Your checkstock will print one check per page, with the check on the top third of the page.
    • Check On Bottom: Your checkstock will print one check per page, with the check on the bottom third of the page.
  • Click the “Print Sample” link.  A PDF document will open and display a sample check.  You can save the PDF and/or print the sample on your check stock.
  • If you pay contractors in payroll, you will see a second “Paying Contractors” tab.  Your contractor check layout will be set separately than your employee check layout.  If you use Patriot’s Accounting software, your contractor check layout settings will be shared with your vendor check layout settings.

Formatting Options

Add an electronic signature on checks

You can add an image of your signature to appear on your printed checks.  See the help article Adding an E-Signature to a Paycheck.

Add additional information on paycheck

To add employee home address, or company name and address,

  • Settings > Payroll Settings > Paycheck Printing Options
  • Click “Layout Adjustments” to show the formatting options. Click the checkboxes on the right to include the information on your employee paycheck.
  • Additional information you can add on paychecks in Patriot's payroll software.

    Use blank check stock and MICR toner

    If you use blank check stock with MICR toner, check the box “I need to print my bank account information on blank check stock.” For more information, see How To Print Paychecks Using Blank Check Stock.

    To format your checkstub

    You can move the placement of your checkstub (the details of the paycheck) so your checks print properly.  See the help article How Do I Format the Checkstub on my Paychecks?

    To change the display and placement of pre-printed check items

    You can move items that appear on the actual check, such as check date, amount, and employee name.  See the help article How Do I Format Items on my Paychecks?

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