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Print Set-Up for Vendor Checks

Background for Printing Vendor Checks

If you print paper checks to pay your vendors, you will need to set up the print layout so that your checks print correctly on your pre-printed check stock. (Note: If you handwrite checks to vendors, there is no need to format a check layout. You can print the check stub on plain paper and give it to your vendors.)

If you also pay contractors in payroll, your vendor check layout settings will also apply to your contractor check layout settings.

Pre-Printed or Blank Check Stock

You have two options for printing Vendor checks in Patriot Software:

  1. Use pre-printed check stock that contains your bank account number using the magnetic ink required by banks.
  2. Use blank check stock, as long as you use MICR toner in your printer.  For more info, see How to Print Vendor Checks Using Blank Check Stock.

To print checks for vendors, you will need to use 8 ½” x 11” check stock with the check on top or the bottom. The remaining two-thirds of the page will be used for pay stub details. We do not offer duplicate stubs on the same check.

Print Set-Up for Vendor Checks

To format your printed checks:

First, add at least one Vendor by going to Accounting > Your Company > Vendors > Add a New Vendor.

Then go to Settings > Accounting > Email and Document Templates > Vendor Check Print Layout

  • Select Printed Check Type. Select Check Stub Only if you handwrite checks or pay electronically. Otherwise, if you’re printing checks, select Pre-printed check stock – either check on top or check on bottom.
  • Click the “Print Sample” link. A PDF document will open and display a sample check. You can either save the PDF and/or print the sample on your check stock.

Troubleshooting Check Printing Issues

Vendor address is not printing on checks

  • If you have filled in the Default Check Memo on the Vendor Info page, you will not be able to print the vendor address on the check. See Adding or Editing Vendors for more information.

Vendor Check is not lining up with check stock

You can easily adjust the placement of the items of the check by “nudging” the location of each item.

To adjust the placement of items:

Click “Layout Adjustments.” The location of each item (check date, dollars, vendor name, etc.) on the check is based on column and row numbers of a grid on the sample check.

Adjust Items on a Check

To adjust the placement of an item, change the column and row numbers by entering a number, or clicking the arrows. The default position for each item is zero.

  • To move an item one gridline to the right, add 10 to the column number.
  • To move an item one gridline to the left, subtract 10 from the column number. You can enter negative numbers.
  • To move an item one gridline above, add 10 to the row number.
  • To move an item one gridline below, subtract 10 from the row number. You can enter negative numbers.

You may need to make several adjustments so the items line up with your check stock, and may print as many sample checks as needed. Once you are satisfied with the location of your check items, click Save. When you pay your vendors, these settings will be used.

To read how to update your check printing settings in payroll for contractors or W2 employees, please read “Setting up Printed Paychecks in Patriot.

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