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How to Print Contractor or Vendor Checks Using Blank Check Stock

Background for Printing Contractor or Vendor Checks

If you use completely blank check stock with a MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printer cartridge to print the bank account number at the bottom of checks  for your payments to contractors or vendors, you can use Patriot Software software to print the entire check, including the account number.  This is helpful if you pay checks from different company bank accounts, or simply prefer to use blank check stock instead of pre-printed check stock.

If you use pre-printed check stock that contains your bank account number using the magnetic ink required by banks, see the help article Print Set-Up for Vendor Checks.

How to Print Paychecks with a MICR Printer

When using blank check stock with a MICR printer, there are strict placement guidelines as to where the bank account numbers appear on the check, so that the checks can be easily processed by banks.  You can download a MICR gauge to ensure proper placement of account numbers on the check.

Setting Up Blank Check Stock for Vendors in Patriot Software

In order to use blank check stock to pay your vendors in Patriot Software, you must use one check per 8 ½ x 11 page.  The check can be either at the top third or bottom third of the page.

  • Go to Settings > Accounting Settings > Vendor Check Print Layout
  • Select either “Check On Top” or “Check On Bottom,” depending on your check stock layout
  • Check the box “I need to print my bank account information on blank check stock.”
  • If needed, check the box “Print vendor name and address on check” if you want the vendor’s name and address to print directly on the check and show through a window envelope for mailing.
    • If you choose to print the name and address on the check, a nudger will appear.
    • Please note, if you have added a default check memo on the contractor record, you will not be able to print the address on the check.  Please read Add or Edit Vendors for more info.
    • Click “Print Sample” to see how your checks will look, using a grid for placement.  You can make changes and print samples as many times as needed in order to ensure the name and address properly fits through your window envelopes.  When you are satisfied with the placement, be sure to Save your settings on this page.
    • To move the name and address one gridline to the right, add 10 to the column number.
    • To move the name and address one gridline to the left, subtract 10 from the column number.  You can enter negative numbers.
    • To move the name and address one gridline above, add 10 to the row number.
    • To move the name and address one gridline below, subtract 10 from the row number. You can enter negative numbers.

Enter the rest of the information that will be printed on your blank check stock:

  • Enter your Bank Name.
  • Enter your ABA Routing number twice.
  • Enter your bank account number twice.
  • Click Save.

This setting will be used the next time you print vendor checks.  If you need to correct or update any of this information, come back to the Vendor Check Print Layout  page, enter your changes and save. Your settings will be updated for the next time you print vendor checks.

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