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How to Reprint A Pay Stub in Patriot Software

If an employee requests a copy of a paystub, you can reprint the stub as often as needed.  Your employees can find and print their own stubs in their employee portal. See Viewing My Paychecks: FAQs.

Note if you have given a live check to your employee, you should only reprint the pay stub that shows the payment details, not the actual paycheck. If an employee has lost or damaged their paycheck, you will need to void the check and reissue a new paycheck by processing a new payroll.  If you have not yet given a copy of the live check to your employee and need to reprint the check, see How Can I Reprint a Paycheck?

To reprint a paystub, you can find the stub one of two ways:

Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Register


Payroll > Employee List > Employee Name > Paychecks

  1. The most recent check will be displayed.  You can search for a specific check date by entering the date at the top of the page.
  2. Once you find the check, click the “View/Print Stub” link at the bottom center of the check.   A new web browser window will appear with the printer-friendly version of the pay stub.
  3. Click the Print link at the bottom or click File, then Print from your web browser menu.

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