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Viewing My Paychecks: FAQs

Q. How soon can I view my paycheck?
A. Your paycheck details will be available for viewing as soon as your employer finishes running the payroll.

Q. Am I able to view more than one paycheck at a time?
A. Yes. From the main page, click the “Paychecks” link. The date range will automatically display the most recent check date. To change the date range, enter the start and end paycheck dates, and click “Run Report.” The page will display all checks within that date range. The totals for all checks listed will be at the bottom of the page.

Q. How far back can I view my paychecks?
A. You can view all of your paychecks from the date your employer started using Patriot Software for payroll, or your first paycheck with your employer, whichever is later.

Q. How do I view my Year-To-Date earnings and deductions?
A. From the main page, click the “Paychecks” link. Enter your first pay date of the year (or January 1 of the year) in the starting date and the most current pay date for the end date. Then click “Run Report.” Your totals will appear at the bottom of the page.

Q. How do I print my pay stub?
A. For each paycheck detail that is displayed, click the “View/Print Stub” link in the bottom center of the check detail. A new “printer-friendly” window will appear with the check detail. You can print your stub from this new page. Close this new web page when you are finished printing. You can print one check stub at a time.

Q: What’s the difference between the “Paychecks” page and the “Payroll History” report?
A:  The “Paychecks” page shows you actual paychecks processed by your employer.  The “Payroll History” report includes your paychecks, but also includes any prior year-to-date payroll history added by your employer, and any taxable wage adjustments that did not result in a paycheck.  In most cases, you will see similar results on both pages.

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