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A Primer on Printing Payroll Checks with Patriot’s Online Payroll


If you print your own paychecks, there are several payroll check printing options to consider. You will need to determine the overall check layout that works with the software you use for printing, such as whether the check is on the top or bottom of the page. You can use either pre-printed check stock with your bank account ABA routing number and your account number printed in MICR ink, or completely blank check stock to print the entire check with account numbers, as long as you are using MICR toner in your printer.

Before You Print Paychecks in Patriot Software

Patriot offers you a number of ways to pay your employees, including the choice to print your payroll checks on your own printer.

Types of Payroll Check Layout

  • To print payroll checks, you must use 8 ½” x 11″ paychecks with the check on the top or bottom third of the page.
  • You cannot print out checks that are three per page with our payroll software. If you already have this type of check, you can still process payroll for your employees — just handwrite your paychecks and print out paystubs for your employees. Choose “Check Stub Only” in the Paycheck Layout Options page.

Where to Find Check Stock

  • You can order payroll check stock through your bank or through a business supply company such as Affordable Checks.
  • If you want your company logo or a graphic printed on your payroll checks, you must specify this when you order your custom check stock. You cannot add artwork or logos to your paychecks in Patriot.

Setting up your Payroll Checks for Printing

Before you can print out your paychecks, you will need to make adjustments to the Paycheck Layout.

  1. Settings > Payroll Settings > Paycheck Printing Options
  2. Adjust the location of the items that print on your check to work with your check stock.

For more information about setting up your paycheck layout in the payroll software:
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