Invoicing Your Customers

May 10, 2018


After you have:

  1. Added your customers
  2. Set up your products and
  3. Set up the sales tax rate

You are now ready to create and send invoices to your customers for products or services they purchased from you.

To add an invoice for a customer:

Accounting > Customer Tasks > Create Invoice


  1. Select the Customer Name.  If needed, you can add a new customer here without leaving the invoice by clicking “Add New.”
  2. The Invoice Number will automatically show the next available number since the last invoice you created. You can change this, if needed.
  3. The Invoice Date is set to today. Change the date, if needed.
  4. The Due Date is also set to today. Change the date, if needed.
  5. Enter a Purchase Order number, if needed.
  6. Select your Product or Service from the dropdown list.  If needed, you can add a new product/service here without leaving the invoice by clicking “Add New.” For more info on how to add Products and Services, see Setting Up Products and Services.
  7. The quantity (Qty) will be set to 1.  Change the quantity, if needed.
  8. The price will automatically display for that product/service, based on your Product or Service list. You can change the price on the invoice, if needed.
  9. The income account for this product will display.  You can change this, if needed.  The customer will not see this account when you print the invoice, it is only for your information.
  10. Add an optional description for the product, if needed.  This will appear on the invoice and in reports.
  11. To add another product or service to the invoice, click Add beneath the row.  You can remove a row, if needed.
  12. If you charge sales tax, the sales tax rate that you entered as the default rate on the Sales Tax Rate screen will be used. If needed, you can add a new sales tax rate on the invoice, and save this rate as your default tax rate for the future.  For more info, see Setting Up Sales Tax.
  13. The invoice total will automatically update with the total amount due.
  14. Enter an optional invoice comment. This will appear to your customers at the bottom of the invoice.
  15. If needed, you can save a draft of this invoice and come back later to finish.  Click “Save as Draft.”  You will find your invoice drafts under Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports > Invoice Listing.
  16. Click “Save Invoice.”

You will see an Invoice Detail page confirming that the invoice has been created.  From here, you can take actions with this invoice as needed:


You can view your recently created invoices and drafts by going to Reports > Receivables Reports > Invoice Listing Report.  See Managing Your Customer Invoices for more info.


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