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Setting Your Invoice Payment Terms


As an Accounting customer, you can set default payment terms, such as Net 10 or Net 30, for your invoices you send to your customers.  

To Manage Default Payment Terms for All Invoices

Go to Settings > Accounting Settings > Customer Payments > Payment Terms

The following Payment Terms will be set up in the software:

Due on Receipt
Net 5
Net 10
Net 30
Net 60
Net 90

You have the option to select one payment term as the chosen default when you create a new invoice.  Click the star next to the payment term. 

You can add your own custom payment terms by clicking “Add New” at the top.

When you create an invoice, you can select the Terms dropdown.  This will automatically calculate the invoice due date. If you want to enter a custom due date on an invoice not calculated by a payment term, choose “None Selected” for the Terms and enter the due date.  You can change the Terms when creating a new invoice if needed.

The payment terms will appear on the Invoice Detail report and PDF for emailing and printing.

To edit a Payment Term, click the edit icon at the end of the row.  You can also inactivate a payment term by unchecking the Active box.

To delete a Payment Term, click the trashcan icon at the end of the row.  You may only delete a payment term that has not yet been used on an invoice.

To Manage Payment Terms for Each Customer

If you have some customers with different payment terms, you can set their individual payment term on their customer record.

Accounting > Receivables > Customers > Customer name > Info tab

Choose from the “Default Payment Terms” dropdown.  Any future invoices you create for this customer will use their default payment term.  You can still change this on the invoice if needed.

To further automate your customer invoice, please check out our help article, “Setting Your Invoice Payment Email Reminders“, and “Setting Recurring Invoices.

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