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Setting Your Invoice Payment Email Reminders


As an Accounting Premium customer, you can set invoice payment reminder emails to be automatically be sent to your customers when their invoices are past due.  This eliminates the need to manually resend the past due invoice to each customer.

To Set Your Invoice Payment Email Reminders

Go to Settings > Accounting Settings > Customer Payments >Payment Reminders

Check the box next to each number of days past due you would like an email to be sent.  You can send multiple past due emails by choosing more than one.

Set your default reminder email template by adding “data tags,” which are standard pieces of information from the invoice.  For more details on customizing the email format, see How to Email an Invoice or Credit to Your Customers.

Sending the Email

If you have added more than one email address on the customer record, the reminder email will automatically be sent to all email addresses on record. The software will run a nightly task to check for past due invoices, based on the number of days past due you have chosen to send reminder emails.  For example, if you have chosen to send reminder emails for 5 days past due, any customers who are exactly 5 days past due will be sent an automated email from the software.  These reminder emails will be sent by Patriot Software email servers, so they will not appear in your own personal “Sent Items” email box.  The email will be sent from “”

If the customer replies to the email, the reply will be sent to your own email address.  Be sure the “Your Email Address” field contains your email that you would like replies to be sent.

Viewing Your Reminder Email Activity

When a payment reminder email is sent, this will show as “Emailed” in your Invoice Listing report.  When you view the details of this invoice, you will see a timestamp when the email was sent.

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