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Managing Your Customer Invoices

After you have created a new invoice for your customer, you can manage each customer invoice on the Invoices Report. This report shows key invoice details, including current status, totals for the date range selected and allows you to keep an eye on outstanding invoices and easily perform tasks when necessary.

Accounting > Receivables > Invoices

The report will load the 50 most recently created invoices from all of your customers. You will be able to view up to 100 invoices at a time.

The Invoices report automatically populates the first day of the previous month to the current date and shows the unpaid invoices and selects all customers by default.  Select your filters by checking/unchecking the dropdowns for each field. You can also search for a specific invoice number in the search field. Totals will display for the date range and filters selected.

Overdue invoices will be displayed in red. Clicking the invoice number at the far left column will expand details for the invoice.

Invoice Status
Here are the options for the status of a customer invoice:

  • Saved: The invoice has been created, but no further action has been taken.
  • Sent: You can manually mark an invoice as “Sent” if you choose to send the invoice to your customer in some other way besides our emailer.
  • Emailed: If you are sending an invoice via email through your Patriot Software account, the status will automatically be set to “Emailed.”
  • Partially Paid: You have recorded a partial payment for this invoice, but an outstanding balance is due.
  • Paid: You have recorded payment for the entire balance of the invoice.
  • Voided: When the invoice has been voided, the status will be automatically set to “Voided.” This invoice will no longer be available to record payments or included in your customer’s balance due.
  • Pending: This will only appear if you have entered the invoice from the Beginning Balances setup wizard, but have not yet completed the wizard.  When an invoice status is pending, you won’t be able to perform any actions with this invoice until the wizard is completed.
  • Deleted: Your deleted invoices will only appear if you have included “Deleted” in the Statuses filter at the top of the report.

Invoice Actions
The Actions dropdown at the end of each row allows you to perform certain activities for that particular invoice. The available actions will depend on the Status of the invoice.

  • View Details: You can view the details of the invoice on the Invoice Detail report.
  • Print: You can print a PDF version of your invoice. When you select Print, the PDF will download to your computer.
  • Mark as Sent: If you choose not to use our email template and emailer, you can mark the invoice as sent if you’ve sent it another way.
  • Apply Payment: You can apply a payment to any of the customer invoices from here. For more details, see Receiving a Customer Payment.
  • Email: You can use our email template and use Patriot to email this invoice to your customer. For more details, see Emailing Invoices to Your Customers.
  • Create Recurring:  If you use Accounting Premium, you can set this invoice to be repeatedly created and sent.  See Setting Your Recurring Invoices.
  • Duplicate: Duplicating the invoice generates a new invoice with prefilled data from the original. Attachments will not be copied over, and the invoice will use the next available invoice number. 
  • Edit: For unpaid invoices, you can edit any field on the invoice.  Click “Reset to Original” at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to save your changes.  For invoices that are paid, you can edit certain fields, but if you need to change the invoice amount or payment amount, you will first need to void the payment.
  • Void: You can void any invoice that has not been partially or fully paid. For more details, see Voiding a Customer Invoice.
  • Delete: You can delete any invoice that has not been partially or fully paid.  Deleting the invoice will remove it from your reports.  See Void or Delete a Transaction:  What’s the difference?

You can also view only the invoices for one customer on their record. Go to Accounting > Receivables > Customers > Customer Name > Invoices tab.

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