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Voiding a Customer Invoice

You can void or delete an invoice you created for a customer, as long as the invoice has not already been partially or fully paid.  When you void an invoice, you will still see a record of the voided invoice.  A deleted invoice will be hidden from your reports.  For more details, see Void or Delete a Transaction: What’s the difference?

You can find the customer invoice in three places:  The Invoices Report, the Invoice Detail report, or on the individual customer record:

Accounting > Receivables  > Invoices
Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports  > Invoice Detail
Accounting > Receivables  > Customers > Customer Name > Invoices

  1. If you don’t see the invoice on the page, select the date range and run the report to find the invoice you want to void or delete.
  2. Click either the “Void” or “Delete” link. This void and delete links will only appear if the invoice has not been partially or fully paid.
  3. A confirmation page will show, asking if you are sure. Choose Yes to continue. Choose No to return to the Invoice Detail report.
  4. When you void an invoice, you will see on the Invoice Detail report that the invoice was voided, and the date the invoice was voided.  Your account balances won’t be affected, since the invoice wasn’t paid.  When you delete an invoice, the invoice will be hidden from reports, unless you include “Deleted” in the statuses in the Invoices list.

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