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Setting Up Products and Services


When you create and send invoices to your customers, you will add the products and/or services that you charge to customers as items on the invoice.  You can add new products/services “on the fly” while you are creating an invoice, or go to the Products & Services page to set up your list of items.

To manage your products or services:

Setting Up Sales Tax.

  • Select the Income Account for this product/service.
  • Click Save.
  • To edit a product or service:

    • Click the name of the product/service you want to edit.
    • You may only edit the description of the product/service if it has not been used on an invoice.  Otherwise, you can inactivate the product and add a new product with the new name.
    • By default, this product/service will be active, which means it can be selected when you create a new invoice. You can edit and uncheck the “Active” box if you no longer use this product/service.
    • Make your changes, and click Save.

    To delete a product or service:

    • You may only delete products/services that have not been used on an invoice.
    • Click “Delete” in the row of the product/service you want to delete.
    • Click Yes to delete.

    To export products or services

    • You can export all products or services that are added in the software by going to Accounting > Receivables > Products & Services.
    • Click the Download Spreadsheet link to get a CSV of the products & services displayed on your screen.

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