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Managing Your Receipts and Documents


As an Accounting Premium customer, you may want to upload copies of receipts or documents that correspond with various transactions in the software.  You can easily attach them so you can view them for reference later. This feature is only available for Accounting Premium customers.

If you have added users, this is a permission based setting.

Managing Your Accounting Receipts and Documents in Patriot Software

Uploading Documents

In the main Accounting menu, go to “Receipts & Documents.”

This page will show your main list of all receipts and documents you have added.  

To add a new receipt or document, click “Upload Documents.”  Search for the file on your computer, and click “Upload.”   You can also drag and drop multiple files at a time by holding down the “Ctrl” key and selecting all of the files you want to upload. Most commonly used file types are allowed, including .pdf, .jpg, and .png. 

The new document(s) will now appear in your list. 

Managing Your List of Documents

By default, the list will show your most recently uploaded documents in the past 30 days, but you can sort by each column by clicking the column name.  You can also change the upload date range at the top of the page and click “Search.”

If this document has already been linked to a transaction, the “Show Transactions” link will display.  Click to see transactions that have been linked to this document

In your list of uploaded documents, you can edit the description, if needed. Click the trashcan to delete the attachment.

Attaching Documents to Transactions

You can attach documents to the following types of transactions:

  • General Ledger report  
  • Creating a Customer Invoice
  • View Invoice Detail
  • Creating a Vendor Bill
  • Automatic Imported Bank Transactions
  • Manual Imported Bank Transactions
  • Journal Entries
  • Deposit/Withdrawals

There are two ways to attach a file:

  1. You can upload a new document on the “Upload File” tab, one file at a time.
  2. You can attach files that you have already uploaded on the “Select from Uploads” tab.  If needed, you can attach more than one file at a time by checking the box in front of each file.  
  • Things to note about the “Select from Uploads” list: 
    • The green “Linked” checkmark means the file is already attached to a transaction.  
    • Click the preview icon at the end of the row to see a thumbnail of the file.  Note that previews only work with image files such as .jpg or .png. PDFs and other document file types will not display a preview.
  • Once you have attached your file(s), a new “image” icon will appear before the description. Click the image icon to view the attached files.  If needed, you can unlink the file here from the transaction.

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