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Accounting Premium Customers: Setting User Permissions in Patriot Software


As an Accounting Premium customer, you will be able to add users to access your company and set user permissions to limit the accounting tasks your added users can access.

If you are also a payroll customer, you will be able to add full permissions to payroll, permission to view reports only, or restrict access to payroll altogether for each user. See our help article: Add and Manage Multiple Users

How to Add Accounting Premium Users

From the Dashboard, click “Manage Users” icon or click the link under Settings > User Settings > Manage Users.

  • If you haven’t yet added any users, only you (as the original user and administrator) will appear in your user list.  
  • Click “Add New.”
  • Enter the email address for the new user.
  • Choose which permissions you would like this user to access.  You can choose one, some, or all permission groups. You can edit these permissions later at any time after the user has been added.  For any permissions that you restrict, the user will not see links to these pages.
  • Click “Add User.”
  • The user’s status will be “Pending” until the user receives their invitation email to register as a user and completes the sign-up process.

The user will receive an email from Patriot Software with the subject line, “New User Registration for Patriot Software.”

The user will click the link inside the email to finish registering.  A new page will open. The user will add their first and last name, and select their own username and password.

Once the user clicks the “Create User” button, they will be logged into the software and will be able to access only the pages you have given them permission to administer.

Resending and Cancelling User Invitations

When a user’s invitation is still pending, meaning they have not yet completed their own user sign-up process, you may either resend the invitation or cancel the user invitation.

  • From the Manage Users page, click the Edit icon at the end of the row.
  • At the top of the page, click either “Resend Invite” or “Cancel Invite.”

If you cancel a user invitation, the link in the user’s email invitation becomes invalid, and they will not be able to sign up as a user.  The user will be removed from your “Manage Users” list.

Managing Active Users

After the user registers, you will see the user’s name in your “Manage Users” list and their Status will be “Active.” You can edit the user’s permissions by clicking the Edit icon at the end of their row, making changes, and clicking “Update User.”

To inactivate a user

  • Click the Edit icon at the end of their row.
  • Change the Status from Active to Inactive.  
  • Click “Update User.”
  • This user’s login will no longer be valid.

You can toggle the “Show Inactives” switch at the top of the list to either include or exclude the inactive users.

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