2023 Summer Release Roundup

Patriot Software launches its summer product release roundup

We’ve been on a roll this year, hustling to deliver time-saving upgrades that make running your business smoother. Our 2023 Summer Release Roundup gathers a lineup of recent improvements and enhancements to double down on your value.

New Features and Capabilities

Payroll Permissions

We heard you loud and clear! Our payroll permissions allow you to designate what users can do—and see. So go ahead and give users as much (or as little) access as they need. Check out the “Payroll Permissions” blog post for more information.

Time Card Manager Permissions

Hot off the presses! Now, you can assign manager permissions to view, nudge late submitters, approve, or edit time cards. And because we know you value keeping vital information secure, everything is done in the manager’s employee portal. Get the scoop by reading “Time Card Manager Permissions.”

HR Manager Permissions

Take off your HR hat and return to your business. Now, you can assign permissions so managers can view their direct report list and their contact, pay, or emergency contact information. Want to learn more? Check out our “HR Manager Permissions” blog.

Save Payroll and Make Changes

We heard the cheering when we released this one! Now, you can save your work on payroll step one and change employee data without canceling payroll and removing your work. Want to see what the fuss is about? Read “Save Payroll and Make Changes” for more information.

On-the-fly Hourly Rate Adjustments

Oh, happy day! Now you can adjust employee hourly rates “on the fly” during payroll. And, choose if it’s a one-off or a keeper—all without hitting pause or leaving the page. So long, pesky disruptions. Hello, on-the-spot hourly rate updates. For more details, see “Update Employee Hourly Rates During Payroll.”

Semi-monthly and Monthly Time Cards

You now have more options for our time and attendance product because we added semi-monthly and monthly functionality. Did you get a chill up your spine? That’s our seamless time integration making payroll a breeze!! Check out our updates blog, “Semi-monthly and Monthly Pay Frequencies for Time & Attendance,” for more info.

Improvements You’re Going to Love

You love your business and will keep refining it until it’s perfect. We know the feeling—it’s exactly what we’re doing with our software. Why all the fuss? You deserve powerful, intuitive software that grows with you! 

Payroll for 500 Employees

We can see you’re growing—and boy, we’re impressed. We’ve amped up our functionality to support a whopping 500 employees!

Payroll Calculation Speed

The payroll revolution has arrived, thanks to our lightning-fast payroll calculation improvements (84.4% faster payroll for our largest customers). 

Time Card History Report

You shouldn’t have to be a detective to find insights into who approved or edited employee time cards. We’ve laid out all of the valuable insights in this handy report.

Journal Entry Improvements

Lovers of organized books, this one’s for you: when creating journal entries, you can now add departments by line item. 

Department Reporting

It’s all in the details! We’ve added department visibility and filtering to our payroll detail payroll register and current pay rates report.

Better Mobile Experience

We’re obsessed with our mobile view of the software, so we’ve added design improvements that make for a more straightforward user experience.

Department Enhancements

You can add work-from-home employees to departments regardless of location.

Better Support Experience

Our help is more…well…helpful. We’ve made our phone number and email clickable, saving you the hassle of copying and pasting.

Accessibility Improvements

We’ve made accessibility improvements to our software, so using and exploring our software is now more inclusive and user-friendly.

Responsive Design Improvements

Whether you use our software on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, we’ve improved your experience to make your processes easy to do.

Identifiable Screen Pages

We’ve added unique page titles on each page of the software so you know exactly where you are at all times.

Faster Onboarding

Improvements to import new clients (for our accountant partners) get everyone up and running lickity-split.

New Patriot Look

Same great software, now with a fresh and updated look with just enough splashes of the Patriot purple to add some pizzazz.

Payments Report Dropdown

Accounting customers have a new payment type dropdown on the Payments Report, so you can filter information to find payments easily.

Demo Improvements

We’ve enhanced the functionality of our Self-guided Demo so you can check out new features before implementing them in your account.

Based on Your Feedback

Guess who’s the superstar behind our fantastic software? That’s right; it’s you! Your feedback is like a streamlined force, helping us slash unnecessary clicks and fueling the creation of genius workflows. So keep them coming! Together, we’ll create innovative software to get you in, out, and back to your business.

Duplicate invoices

No, you’re not seeing double. Accounting customers can duplicate an invoice instead of manually creating another invoice.

Prefund Balance Display

Direct Deposit customers who use prefund can view the prefund balance right when running payroll (without the unnecessary clicks or frustrating messages).

Recorded S-Corp Entries

Forget what you did last month? We get it. We’ve added all S-Corp health insurance contributions history on the S-Corp tool page so you can pitch your sticky notes.

Birthdate Enhancements

We’ve updated important validation on the employee birthdate fields because some have your twelve-year-olds working in the family business. 

Icon Updates

We’ve updated icons in the employee portal to help clarify the actions they represent.

Paystub Enhancements

Items with $0 year-to-date amounts? Gone. No more showing data that isn’t relevant.

Prefunding Refund Requests

Effortlessly cancel your prefund and request an account balance refund right from our software.

Reconciliation Enhancements

We’ve added more identifiable transaction information on reconciliation screens.

Cell Phone Fields

Landlines? Out. Mobile phones? In. So, we’ve added cell phones to the employee census report.

Payroll Register Improvements

We’ve given you the option to show or hide voids in the payroll register report—you decide what’s relevant.

Keeping You Compliant

It’s no secret a top priority at Patriot is to ensure our customers stay compliant with the ever-changing tax landscape, all while keeping your data secure. Sleep well, friend—we’ve got you covered. 

284 Payroll Tax Updates

We’ve updated a whopping 284 taxes in the software. Each is backed by tens of thousands of quality assurance tests and automatically updated in the software. So you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the hard stuff. 

11 New Taxes Added

The only thing worse than paying taxes is not paying taxes when you should have. We’ve added 11 new state taxes in the software to keep you compliant. 

Quality Assurance Testing

We’ve upped our game by increasing the quality assurance testing by a staggering 1,016%. (And, no, that is not a typo–we’re obsessed with testing!)

What’s Next?

It isn’t a top secret … you can look forward to more features and enhancements in the future. Here is a sneak peek at what we’re working on now:

  • Stripe integration – Accounting customers can accept credit cards with our new partner Stripe. Join the beta group here.
  • Print Payroll Preview – Payroll customers will be able to print a preview of the payroll on step two (before approving payroll). We’re looking for beta testers. Join beta testing for print payroll preview now!
  • Pay Schedules – Pay schedules are up next. Want to join in on the fun? Sign up here!
  • Taxability by Money Type – You will be able to indicate whether or not a Money Type should be included in taxable income for specific federal, state, and local taxes. This will be useful for those who have special types of pay, like clergy housing. Sign up for the beta release here.

Want to suggest the next great thing for the software? Let us know how we can make Patriot better for you. We’d love to hear from you. Submit your feedback.

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