Update Employee Hourly Rates During Payroll

Payroll admins and business owners, have you ever experienced frustration because you’ve forgotten to update an employee’s hourly rate? We know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Whether it’s an employee deserving a raise for their hard work or a necessary adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances, our newest feature lets you handle it all without skipping a beat. Now, you can update your employee hourly rates during payroll and indicate if it’s a one-time adjustment or if it should be used moving forward—all without leaving the page. No need to pause, rewind, or start a whole new payroll process. It’s designed with simplicity in mind so that you can work your payroll magic and be finished with payroll in mere minutes. 

Say goodbye to tedious disruptions and welcome the efficiency of on-the-fly hourly rate adjustments. 

What is this wizardry, you ask? The kind that saves you time and gives you back your day. (No magic wand needed.)

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