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Managing Employee-Level Workers’ Compensation Codes


Workers’ compensation is insurance that pays benefits when an employee has a job-related injury or illness.  The premium for workers’ compensation coverage is determined by payroll dollars for each type of job or industry.  You can assign workers’ compensation codes to each employee, so that their payroll dollars can be reported by code.

How to Assign a Workers’ Compensation Code to an Employee

This is an optional feature you can use to track payroll dollars by workers’ comp code.  This is not required to run payrolls (unless you are in Washington or Wyoming, see below, or if you are a NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego) Pay As You Go workers’ comp customer.  See Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance).

First, you will need to set up all workers’ compensation codes at the company level.  See How to Manage Company-Level Workers Compensation Codes in Patriot Software.  After you have set up all workers’ comp codes used by your company, you can now assign them to your employees.

  • Payroll > Employees > Employee List > select Employee Name > “Pay Info” link at the top > Edit.
  • Select the Workers Comp code that this employee’s payroll dollars will be reported under.
  • Click Save

Repeat these steps for each employee.   You can also select the workers’ comp code at the time you add a new employee on the “Add Employee” page.

After you have assigned workers’ comp codes to everyone, the payroll dollars and hours will be tracked and you can report on them to determine your workers’ compensation premiums.  See Workers Compensation Wages Report.

If you have employees working in Washington or Wyoming, see the following help articles:

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