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Adding Wyoming Employee Workers Comp and Unemployment Insurance Info


If you are a Wyoming employer and your employee is covered by Workers’ Compensation and State Unemployment Insurance, or is a corporate officer, you will need to indicate this for the purpose of calculating tax withholding and completing your state tax filings.   For more information, contact the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

To indicate this for each employee in Patriot Software:

Before you can add Wyoming workers comp codes to an employee record, you must first add them at the company level.  See Adding Wyoming Workers Comp Codes and Rates.

When adding a new employee:

  • Is Employee Covered By Workers’ Comp? – select “Yes” or “No.”  If yes, select a Workers’ Comp Code.  If no, you will not need to enter a code.
  • Select the Workers Comp Code from the dropdown list for this employee.  If you need to add codes to this list, go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Workers’ Comp Settings to set these up at the company level.
  • Is Employee a Corporate Officer or LLC Member? – select “Yes” or “No.”
  • Is Employee Covered By Covered Under Unemployment Insurance – select “Yes” or “No.”  If the employee is covered by workers’ comp, you must select “Yes” so the two fields match.
  • Click “Add Employee.

To edit this information after the employee is added, go to the employee’s Pay Info tab under Payroll > Employees > Employee List > Select Employee Name > Pay Info > Edit.

Note:  If your company is marked exempt at the company level from Workers’ Comp and SUTA, these fields will be hidden when adding or editing employees.


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