Editing an Employee's Time-Off Balance

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Editing an Employee’s Time-Off Balance


You can manually add and remove hours from an employee’s time-off “bank” of hours. You can make the same edit for multiple employees at one time, or just one employee.

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Here’s how to add or subtract time-off hours for an employee:

Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Manage Time Off > Select Hours Type > Run Report

  • To edit one employee at a time, click the employee’s name.  Click the Manage button above.
  • To edit more than one employee at a time, select the employee(s) you want to edit by checking the box beside each name.  Click the Edit button above.
  • Choose from the following options:
    • Enter hours allowed:  You will be giving more time-off hours to use and will increase available hours.
    • Enter hours taken:  You will be using time-off hours and will decrease available hours.
    • Make a correction:
      • Remove hours that were added:  If you accidentally gave an employee too many hours, use this option to remove the hours without showing they were “taken.”  This will show as a negative number in the “Hours Added” column.
      • Add hours that were used:  If you accidentally entered “taken” hours that the employee didn’t take, use this option to give back the hours.  This will show as a negative number in the “Hours Taken” column. 
  • Enter the amount of hours.
  • Enter the effective date of the activity.
  • Enter any optional comments. These are only visible to the employer, not the employee.
  • The Current Available Hours column shows the balance as of the effective date before the edit. The New Available Hours column shows the balance after the edit. The new balance will not be updated until you click Save.

When you save, you will see your most recent edit in the Manage Time Off list and each employee’s Time-Off Detail page.

Note:  If you have Time & Attendance and the employer or employee tries to enter time off when there is not enough time available on that date, a warning message will appear and the time card cannot be saved. An employee also cannot take time-off hours earlier than the date the employer gives them. For example, if you add 80 hours to Allowed and enter a date of August 20, the employee may only enter those hours on their time card on or after August 20.

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