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Earning Accrued Paid Time Off Hours


After you have added your company level time-off accrual rules and assigned the rules to your employees, your employees will now automatically accrue time-off hours when you run a payroll, based on how many hours they are paid.

Earning accrued hours

The hours you enter for each employee in Payroll Step 1 will determine how many accrued paid time off hours they’ll accrue, based on the formula in the accrual rule.  For salary employees assigned a time-off accrual rule, you will need to enter an actual number of hours in Payroll Step 1 in order for them to accrue time off.  These entered hours will not affect their salary rate, it is only for the purpose of calculating the accrued time off.  

After you have entered hours on Payroll Step 1 for employees with accrual rules and continue to Step 2, you will see the calculated accrued hours appear in the following places:

Payroll Step 2 “View Details”

On Payroll Step 2, click “View Details” at the top of the page.  A preview of the employee’s check detail will show an Accrued Time Off section with the amount of hours that are accrued this payroll.  You can go back to Step 1 and make hours corrections, if needed.

Employee Pay Stub

Once you have approved the payroll, the accrued hours will show on the employee’s pay stub. The Time-Off portion of the pay stub will show any accrued hours for the pay period, along with the accrued hours for the year-to-date.

Payroll Register Report

The Payroll Register Report (found in Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Register) will also show the employee’s accrued hours for that paycheck.  The employee’s individual “Paychecks” tab will also show this. 

Manage Time Off Page

The accrued hours will also appear as an entry in the employee’s Manage Time Off page.

  • Go to Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Manage Time Off
  • Select the Hour Type that is earning accrued time off and click Run Report.
  • The employee list will appear, showing the starting hours, hours added, hours taken, and available hours.
  • Click the employee’s name to see the accrued earning detail.
  • The date the allowed hours are given will be the end date of the pay period for that paycheck.  
  • The accrued hours will show in the Hours Added column.
  • The comments will show “Accrued From Payroll” and the Source will be “Accrued.”

Employee Portal

The employee can log into their own portal and see their earned accrual activity and balance on their “Time Off History” report.  Similar to the Manage Time Off page above, the accrual earning detail will display.

Voiding Paychecks with Accrued Hours

If you void a paycheck with time-off hours that were accrued, this accrual will be reversed, along with everything else on the paycheck.  You will see this entry on the employee’s Manage Time Off details with the source “Payroll Void Accrued.”

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