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Managing Employee Accrual Rules


Once you have set up your company-level time off accrual rules, you can assign them to employees and view which rules are assigned.  You can assign new company rules to employees at the time you create a company rule.  You can also add and remove personal accrued time off rules on an individual employee’s record later.

How to add or edit assigned accrual rules for a group of employees

  1. Go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Time Off Accruals
  2. Choose the accrual rule you want to change employee assignments and click “Edit.”
  3. Change the employees assigned to this rule by checking or unchecking each employee name.  Click Save.

How to add or edit assigned accrual rules for an individual employee

  1. Go to Payroll > Employee List > Employee Name
  2. Click the employee’s “Time” tab.
  3. The “Time Off Accrual Rules” section will display all of the rules that this employee is assigned.
  4. If this employee does not have a rule assigned, click “Add Rules.”  Otherwise, if this employee already has a rule assigned, click “Edit Rules.”
  5. You will see a list of all available accrual rules.  Check the box beside each rule you want to assign to this employee, and click Save.  Note, you cannot change the accrual rule formula on an employee’s record.

The rule will immediately begin to accrue with the employee’s first paycheck after the rule is assigned.  See Earning Accrued Time Off for details.

If you need to manually add or remove hours to an employee’s balance of time off hours, see Editing an Employee’s Time-Off Balance.

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