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Managing Time Off

You can keep track of employee time-off balances, such as vacation, sick, or personal time. You will first need to set up the hour types you want to use for time off.  See Setting Up Time-Off Hours for instructions.

You have the option to set up company rules to calculate and accrue time off with each payroll.  For details, see Setting Up Company Time Off Accrual Rules.  After you begin using the rules, you can view each employee’s time off accruals in the Manage Time Off page.

Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Manage Time Off

  • The Manage Time Off page allows employers to view a list of employees and their time-off activity within a date range. You can view one Hour Type at a time. If more than one Hour Type is set to Track Time Off, select the Hour Type in the list at the top of the screen, enter a date range, and click Run Report. Click the “Show Inactives” toggle to see inactive employees in the list.
  • The list will show each employee’s Starting Hours, Hours Adjusted, Hours Used, and Available Hours for the selected Time-Off Type within the date range. Note the dates are based on the pay period where the hours will be used, not the pay date. Starting Hours will show any hours given prior to the start date.  Hours Adjusted, Hours Used and Available Hours will show activity that happened between the start and end date.  You may need to change your start and end dates to see your desired activity.  To see more details about an employee’s time off history, click the employee’s name.
  • The employee details page shows the time-off history for that hour type, including dates within the pay period and actions that time off was added or taken. Time-off activity can be recorded by the employer on this page.  If you have Time & Attendance, it can also be recorded directly on the employee time card, either by the employer or employee. The Source/Action column in the list shows how the time-off activity was recorded, either by “Time Card,” “Employer Entry,” “Accrued,” or “Payroll Adjustment.”  To add or remove time-off hours for an employee or group of employees, see Editing an Employee’s Time-Off Balance.
  • NOTE:  If you have removed hours from an employee’s time-off balance before you have run a payroll for that date, you will still need to add those hours on Step 1 of Payroll in order for those hours to be paid.  The payroll worksheet will make an adjustment to the balance of hours if there is any difference between what you entered on the employee’s Time Off page and what you entered in Payroll.  For more details, see Using Time-Off Hours in a Payroll.

Note: Employees can view a similar report to see their own time off activity in their employee portal. See Viewing My Time-Off History Report for details.

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