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Setting Up Time-Off Hours

You can track non-worked hours activity as a “Time Off” bank of hours for each employee, such as vacation, sick, or personal business time.

Before you can manage Time-Off hours, you must first set up your payroll hour type as a “Time Off” type.  For help on how to add a new Hours Type, see How to Set Up Hours Types in Patriot Software.

Adding an Hours Type to Track Time Off

You will see a “Track Time Off” column in your payroll Hours Types list. Any active hours type marked “Yes” will be available for tracking allowed, taken, and available balances when you manage time off.  Note that once the hour type has been used to track time off, you will not be able to change this.

1.  Settings > Payroll Settings > Hours & Money Types
2. Click Edit beside the hours type you want to track as Time Off, or add a new hours type.
3. Check the “Track Time Off” box.
4. Click Save.

After you have set up one or more hours types to track time off, you can do one of two things:

  1. You can set up accrual rules to automatically calculate and give time-off hours each payroll.  See Setting Up Company Time Off Accrual Rules.
  2. You can manually add hours to each employee’s balance so that when time-off hours are entered in their time cards, the hours will be subtracted from their available balance.   See Editing an Employee’s Time-Off Balance.

You can now Manage Time Off to view an employee’s activity showing hours available, hours taken, and the balance of hours.  In the left menu, go to Payroll > Time & Attendance > Manage Time Off.  Also see the help article Managing Time Off.

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