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How Do I Reactivate an Employee?

If you rehire an employee, or need to pay a terminated or inactive employee in Patriot Software, you must first reactivate the employee.  If you do not have Patriot HR or do not have a Vestwell integrated 401(k) plan, follow these steps:

  1. Payroll > Employees > Employee List
  2. Find the employee you want to reactivate, and slide the “Status” toggle from Inactive to Active.
  3. For the “Are you sure…” message, choose Yes.

You can also click the employee’s name in the employee list and reactivate the employee inside their record.

  1. Click the Pay Info link at the top of the employee’s record > Edit.
  2. Select “Yes” for the Active? field, and click Save.

The employee’s name should appear on the Payroll Entry screen the next time you run a payroll.

Note:  At the time you inactivate an employee, any deductions or contributions on their record will also be inactivated.  If you reactivate the employee, their deductions and contributions will remain inactive, unless you activate each deduction and contribution.

To inactivate an employee, you would do the reverse.  See How Do I Inactivate an Employee?

If you have Patriot HR or a Vestwell integrated 401(k) plan, find the employee in the list and choose their new status in the dropdown.  A new window will appear for you to add status history.  See Using Employee Status History in Patriot HR.

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