Using Employee Status History in Patriot HR

Using Employee Status History in Patriot HR

If you have Patriot HR, you can track the employee status history, including their effective hire date, reason, and comments about the status update. (Note: If you have Patriot HR, you can only change the employee status history from the Human Resources page. Any updates made to the employee’s status history will appear on the employee’s Pay Info page as either “Yes” or “No” in the “Active?” field. The “Active?” field cannot be edited directly if you have Patriot HR.)

When you enter an employee’s hire date at the time you add a new employee, an entry will be automatically created in Status History with a reason of “New Hire.” You can edit or delete this entry if you wish.

If you have added an employee to Patriot Payroll before you have added HR, or if you did not enter a hire date at the time you first added the employee, there will be no employee status history for that employee.  You can add a status for these employees by following the steps below.

To Add a Status:

  1. Payroll > Employees > Employee List
  2. Click the employee’s name.
  3. Click the HR Info link on the employee’s record.
  4. On the HR Info page, find the Status History section. Click Add Status History.
  5. Enter the Effective Date of the status change.
  6. Select the Status from the dropdown list: Active, Inactive, Leave of Absence, or Terminated.
  7. Enter a Reason. This is an optional text box.
  8. Enter any Comments. This is also optional.
  9. Click Save.

You can edit a status by clicking the “Edit” icon in the status row.

You can delete a status by clicking the trashcan icon in the status row.

A note about rehires: If you rehire an employee, you can edit the Hire Date field in the Position Info section with the employee’s rehire date. The original hire date will remain in the Status History section. If you choose not to update the Hire Date field with the Rehire Date, you should still add a status history noting the date the person was rehired.

Several HR reports include both the Hire Date and a Rehire Date (if there is one). The Hire Date in the reports will be the value in the actual “Hire Date” field on the employee’s record. The Rehire Date will be the most recent effective date associated with an Active Status in the Status History section.