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Pending Status Report

The Pending Status Report is for Patriot HR customers and shows any employees with a pending status entered as of the point in time you are running the report.  As statuses automatically change, employees will drop off the report.

To learn more about employee statuses, please check out our help article, Employee Statuses.

Go to Reports > HR Reports > Pending Status Report.

The “Pending Status Report will display the following columns:

  • Employee Name (Last, First)
  • Current Status
  • Pending Status
  • Effective Date – effective date of the pending status
  • Final Pay Date ( – if not available)
  • Reason (- if not available)
  • Comments (- if not available)
  • Hire Date (- if not available)

Only employees with a “pending status” are listed in this report.

To view employee historical statuses please see Viewing Employee Historical Statuses in Patriot HR.

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