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Employee Census Report

The Employee Census Report is available to payroll customers and gives a snapshot of your employees’ employment date information.  You can find this report under Reports > Payroll Reports > Employee Census.

Using the Employee Census Report

  • You can show all statuses or only active, inactive, leave of absence, or terminated. If an employee has more than one termination date or rehire date in their Employee Status History, only the most recent termination and rehire date will appear in the census report.
  • Click any column header with an arrow to sort by that column.
  • Print as a PDF or download a .csv file to view in a spreadsheet.

If you have a 401(k) plan with Vestwell, you will see a dropdown to run your Year End 401(k) Retirement Plan Census.  For more details, see Vestwell 401(k) Plan Sponsors:  How to Prepare for Year-End Discrimination Testing.

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