Getting Started with Patriot Software Payroll

February 3, 2017


When you sign up as a payroll software customer, you will see a green box at the top of the page containing missing information.  This list appears each time you sign in until all information is complete. Note for payroll customers: You cannot run your first payroll until you enter all missing items.


Each link will take you to page that require information. Depending on your product selections, you will need to provide the following:

  • Add Employees:  For more information, see How to Add a New Employee.
  • State Unemployment Rate:  After you add at least one employee, you’ll need to enter the State Unemployment (SUTA) rate for your state.  For more information, see Updating Your SUTA Unemployment Rate.
  • Choose Your Paycheck Printing Option:   Select whether you need to print your paychecks, and if so, how your checks should print: stub only, check on top, or check on bottom.  See Setting Up Printed Paychecks for more information.
  • Credit/Debit Card Info:  We require a credit card in order to use the software, but you will not be billed until your free trial is over. For instructions, see Company Credit or Debit Card Setup.

As you enter missing information, the links will be removed from the list.  You can add or change information later in the Settings section for each product.

If you are a new employer, please visit New Employer Information By State, a resource with important links and information for each state.

If you have signed up for Full Service Payroll, see How to Add the Payroll Tax Filing Service.

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