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How to Add the Payroll Tax Filing Service

If you select Full Service Payroll, which includes our payroll tax filing service, you need to complete a few tasks to officially become a Full-Service Payroll customer. Whether you selected Full-Service Payroll when you first signed up for Patriot Software or added the service later on the Add or Cancel Software page, the Payroll Setup Wizard will guide you through the steps.  Once you complete all tasks listed, you will be an active Full-Service Payroll customer.

For detailed help for these items, see the following help articles:
Entering Your Company Tax Settings
Entering Your Tax Deposit Frequencies
Entering Your State Unemployment Rate
Instant Bank Account Verification for Payroll Tax Payments
Filling Out Authorization Forms for Payroll Tax Service
Authorizing Your Tax Payment for Full-Service Setup.

Note that you will need to enter your credit card now, even though you still may be in a free trial of the software.  This is required in the event that your bank account doesn’t have the funds to cover payroll taxes.  We won’t charge your credit card for monthly service fees until your free trial is over.

In the meantime, before your task list is complete, you can run payrolls in Patriot Software as long as you complete the required steps in the Payroll Setup Wizard. Any payroll taxes owed in the current tax period as a result of these payrolls will be collected once you complete the final step, “Authorize Tax Payment.” We recommend that you complete the task list as soon as possible to avoid missed tax deadlines.

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