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Authorizing Tax Payment for Full-Service Payroll Setup

The final step in the Full-Service Payroll setup is determining the date you want Patriot Software to begin collecting, depositing, and filing your payroll taxes.  Your initial tax payment will be determined from this date.  You will also authorize Patriot Software to debit your bank account for any taxes owed in current or past tax periods, based on any prior payroll history entries and any regular payrolls run in the software.  You may select a date earlier in the year than when you first signed up with Patriot Software.  For example, you may want Patriot to handle filing your taxes from the beginning of the year, or a prior quarter.

In the setup wizard, on the Tax Authorization step, select a quarter of the year you want Patriot Software to being filing your payroll taxes.  Be sure you are selecting the quarter in the correct year.  Then select a month within that quarter.

  • NOTE: If you select a month earlier than the current month, Patriot will charge $37 per month for each prior month’s tax deposits and filings.  Even though you still may be in a free trial of the software, Patriot Software will charge your credit card immediately for handling these prior taxes for you.

If your Federal Income Tax Deposits are Semi-Weekly

You will see an additional page to select the semi-weekly tax period within your chosen month to begin filings.

Authorize and Pay Your Taxes

The authorization page may show either one or two lists, each based on the start date you selected, and your tax deposit frequencies:

  • 1)  Your Tax Responsibility shows a detailed breakdown of any payroll taxes that happened this year before your selected start date for that tax.  These will not be paid on your behalf by Patriot Software. It will be your responsibility to deposit and file these taxes.
  • 2) Patriot’s Tax Responsibility shows a detailed breakdown of any payroll taxes that are owed on or after your selected start date.  These will be collected by Patriot Software and remitted to the tax authority on your behalf.  If you have payrolls dated after your tax service start date, Patriot will wait to collect for those taxes.

To proceed, click “Authorize Tax Collection” at the bottom of the page. This authorizes Patriot Software to debit your bank account for any current period taxes you owe, and allows us to begin your payroll tax filing service.

You will see a confirmation message that your payroll setup is now complete.  You can download a PDF snapshot of your taxes owed at the time your payroll tax service began.  You can find this any time under Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > Tax Takeover Details > Download PDF. 

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