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Customizing Your Payroll Settings in Patriot Software

Patriot Software can be customized to fit the specific needs of any small business looking for a flexible payroll software option.

We know not all businesses are the same. That’s why Patriot’s online payroll software is designed to be flexible, to fit your business needs. You can customize and change your payroll setup any time.

Add your own Hours and Money Types

Settings > Payroll Settings > Hours & Money Types

For example, to add an Hours Type to pay your third-shift employees time and a half:

  • Click “Add New” at the top of the Hours Type list.
  • Enter a name, such as “Third Shift.”
  • In the rate factor box, enter “1.5” for time and a half.
  • Click Save.

You will now see “Third Shift” in the list of Hours Types.  For more information, see How To Set Up Hour Types in Patriot Software.

It’s also easy to add money types, which are flat dollar payments such as bonuses or reimbursements.

For example, to add a Money Type to reimburse an employee’s tuition:

  • Click “Add New” at the top of the Money Type list.
  • Enter a name, such as “Educational Assistance”
  • Mark the item taxable or nontaxable
  • Click Save.

You will now see “Educational Assistance” listed in Money Types.  For more information, see How To Set Up Money Types in Patriot Software.

Add your own Deductions and Contributions

You can also add employee deductions and employer contributions, such as medical insurance or 401(k).

For example, to add a medical deduction:

  • Payroll Tab > Payroll Settings > Deductions & Contributions
  • Click “Add” at the top right of the Deductions list.
  • Choose the Type to note whether this is a before or after-tax deduction.
  • Enter a description, such as “Medical Family.”
  • Select the method, either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage.
  • Enter a default amount, or leave the field blank if the amount will change for each employee.
  • You can set up limits to automatically stop the deduction when it reaches a certain dollar amount.
  • Click Save.

Your new deduction now appears in the list.  For more information, see Company Level Deduction Set Up.

Employer contributions are set up the same way. While these contributions don’t affect an employee’s pay, they show the amount the employer has contributed.

You can “tie” the contribution to a deduction so it only happens when the deduction is taken.

The contribution can be calculated in several ways, including formulas, which are useful for company matches.  For more information, see Company Level Contribution Set Up

As you can see, customizing your payroll settings in Patriot Software is quick and easy.  One more way Patriot can help simplify your business!


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