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Company-Level Contributions In Patriot Software

Company contributions represent the employer’s cost of benefits.  This is a helpful way to show your employees the additional costs that your business pays on their behalf.  You can show company contributions on employee paychecks for various reasons, such as showing the company’s share of benefit premiums, 401k company match, company HSA contributions, etc.  You must set up contributions at the Company level before assigning them to individual employees.

Note:  These company contribution amounts do not affect the employee’s earnings. It is simply an informational dollar amount that will appear with other paycheck details and reports.

Also please note that Patriot Software does not send your collected deductions and contributions to a third party, such as your 401(k) provider or health insurance carrier.  You are responsible for sending these funds directly.

For information about employee payroll deductions, see Company-Level Deductions in Patriot Software.

To manage company-level contributions:

Settings > Payroll Settings > Deductions & Contributions

To add a new contribution:

To edit a contribution:

  • Click the Edit icon in the row. You can now make changes in the appropriate fields for that contribution.  If a contribution has been used in a payroll, the “For Deduction” and “Method” fields cannot be changed.  All other fields may still be edited.
  • Click either Save or Cancel.  If the field you edited is a company default field used on an employee’s record, the employee’s contribution will be automatically updated.

To delete a new contribution:

  • Click on the “Delete” icon in the row.  You may only delete a contribution if it has not yet been used in a payroll. If the contribution has been used in a payroll, the delete icon will not be visible.
  • Click either Yes or No.

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