Payroll Software Technical FAQs

July 19, 2016


What equipment do I need to run payroll at my organization?

Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet. There’s no software to download.

What if there is a technical problem? Will I be able to access my payroll data?

In a worst case scenario, you could temporarily lose access to our payroll software. When we designed our payroll system, we built in plenty of redundancy and safeguards. All of our data and servers are housed in a SAS 70 Type II compliant facility featuring redundant telecommunications backbones to the Internet, UPS (battery backups), fire suppression, backup diesel generators, full video surveillance, key card access, and locked data cabinets. In addition, the Operations Center supporting our servers is manned 24/7, so in most cases connectivity problems can be identified and dealt with before they would impact your service.

What about viruses, hackers, and such?

We at Patriot Software take security very seriously. Our servers are protected by firewalls. We use secure servers (SSL) similar to those used by banking institutions. We use triple-digit-bit encryption to protect your data during transmission. And we stay on current new hardware/software as it becomes available. Although not even the Federal Government or the largest of banks can guarantee perfect security, we do guarantee that we will take every reasonable precaution with the safety/security of your data. And when you think about it, your data is probably much safer on our servers than on your own computer.