Paying Vendor Invoices

February 18, 2019


After you have entered invoices you owe from your vendors in Patriot Software, you can now easily pay your vendor invoices.  You also have the option to pay a vendor using Quick Pay without first entering an invoice.  To pay a vendor invoice, follow the steps below:

  • Accounting > Vendor Tasks > Pay Invoices
  • Check each box to select the invoices you would like to pay.  If you select invoices from multiple vendors, a separate check will be created for each vendor. You can filter by vendor and click to sort each column.
  • After you have selected all the invoices you would like to pay, click the Continue button.

Next, you will see a list of the details of each invoice you selected for payment, along with a summary of the total for each vendor, and a grand total for your vendor payments. If these totals are correct, click the Approve Payments button to print your checks or stubs. If you would like to make changes, click “Back to Step 1” to return to the previous page and make changes.


After you have approved your payments, you can print your checks or check stubs, depending on the option you selected in Vendor Check Print Options.  Choose to print your checks either now or later.


To print checks now:

  • Enter the starting check number. Check numbers can be printed on your checks.
  • Click “Download and Print Checks.” A PDF will open with a page for each check. Print now or save them to print later. Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
  • Load check stock in your printer and print your checks.
  • Click “I’m Finished Printing” when you are done.  You can also reprint these same checks later.

To print checks later:

You can print or re-print your checks at any time by going to the “Print Vendor Checks” page.  See Printing Vendor Checks After Payment for more details.

The vendor invoices you have paid will be marked as “Paid” on your Vendor Invoice Report and will also show in your Vendor Payment History Report.


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