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Entering Bills From Your Vendors

Enter bills to track accounts payable

When one of your vendors presents you with a bill to pay, you may want to create a bill in the accounting software so that you can keep better track of your Accounts Payables.  You will be able to see how much you owe and to which vendors. This is an optional feature, and you may choose to pay your vendors directly without a bill.

How to enter a vendor bill in Patriot Software

  • Accounting > Payables > Vendors
  • Select the vendor for this bill.  You can also add a new vendor right here by clicking “Add New.” 
  • Enter the vendor bill number, if there is one.  This is optional.
  • Enter the bill date and due date.  
  • Enter the purchase order number, if there is one.  This is optional.
  • Enter an optional description.
  • Select an account that this bill payment will be recorded to.
  • Select the 1099 Type that you will use to pay the vendor for this line item.  For more information, see our help article about which 1099 type to choose?
  • If you have set up departments, select an optional department. For more details, see Managing Accounting Departments.
  • Enter the amount of the bill.
  • Click “Add Line Item” to add more than one item to the vendor bill.
  • Enter any optional comments.
  • If you have Accounting Premium, you can attach electronic files and receipts to this bill by clicking “Attach Files.”  See Managing Your Receipts and Documents for details.
  • Click “Save Bill.”

After entering a bill from your vendor, you will see a confirmation that the vendor bill has been created.  You can edit, void, or delete the bill, if needed.  You can now pay this vendor bill. For more details, see Paying Vendor Bills.

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