Vendor Invoice Report

August 13, 2019


This report shows a list of all vendor invoices you have created, in order to keep track of your accounts payables and what you owe.  You can view details, void, or pay an invoice depending on the current status of the invoice chosen.  You can filter by date, vendor, and status.

To view the Vendor Invoice Report:

  • Reports > Accounting > Vendor Reports > Vendor Invoices
  • Select the date range for the invoice date of the vendor invoices you would like to view. By default, this will be the current month.
  • Select the vendors you would like to view. By default, all vendors will be selected.
  • Select the statuses of the invoices you would like to view. By default, open, paid, and voided invoices will be selected.

The action button on each line item will display all the available actions for the selected invoice.  The available actions in the dropdown depend on the current status of the invoice.

  • “Pay” will take you to the first step of the Pay Vendor Invoices process.
  • “Edit” will bring you back to the Invoice screen where you can make changes.
  • “Void” will direct you to a confirmation screen where you will be able to complete the void.  Voided vendor invoices will still appear in the report.
  • “Delete” will remove the invoice, unless you include the “Deleted” Status when you run the report.  See Void or Delete a Transaction:  What’s the difference?
  • “View”displays the vendor invoice details.  

NOTE:  If you use Vendor Quick Pay to pay a bill without first creating an invoice, an invoice will automatically be created, marked as paid, and will appear in the list in this report.


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