Vendor Payment History Report

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Vendor Payment History Report

A Vendor is a business or independent contractor that you pay for providing their services to you, such as your suppliers.   The Vendor Payment History Report shows all payment details for each vendor. This report is found under Reports > Accounting > Vendor Reports > Vendor Payment History.

You can filter the report by vendor and check date. By default, the date range shows the most recent two months. The report shows the Account, 1099 Type, Amount, and Comment for each payment.  Click “Download Spreadsheet” to download a .csv file that you can open in Excel.

To view or print a PDF checkstub of the payment, click the “View/Print Stub” link within the payment detail. You can also void or delete this vendor payment. See Voiding a Vendor Payment for more information.

If you pay contractors in payroll, you will see an option to filter by Vendor Type to show contractors only.  There is also a similar payroll report on the Reports page.  See Contractor Payment History Report.

You can also view a list of payments you made to an individual vendor under their record:
Accounting > Your Company > Vendor List > Vendors > Payments

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