Creating and Printing Modified 1099/1096 Forms in Patriot Accounting Software

September 19, 2019



There may be a time when you need to pay a vendor after you have already created and printed the 1099s. If you already have given the vendor the 1099 and filed with the IRS, you will need to print a modified form. If you have printed the forms, but have NOT yet sent them to the vendors or the IRS, you have the option to create all of the forms again using the most recent information.

To create your modified forms 1099 and 1096:

When you make a payment to a vendor after you have created all of your 1099s, you will see a link under Reports > 1099 Contractor Forms > Create Modified 1099/1096.  Modified 1099/1096 forms will only report the difference in dollars paid since the most recent time you created your original 1099s/1096.  When you file these with the IRS, they will be added to the original amounts paid that you’ve already filed.


This link will only appear if a payment was made or vendor tax information was changed after you previously created any 1099s. Click “Create Modified 1099/1096” to re-create only the 1099s that have been updated since your last creation.

When you create a modified 1099/1096, it will appear in the same “View and Print 1099/1096” page as the rest of your created forms. It will appear in the list as “[number] Modified” (see example below.)

To view and print only the modified forms, click the View/Print link in that row.


To print your modified forms 1099 and 1096:

  • Under the “Form 1099” column, click “View/Print.”  A PDF will download.
  • Load your IRS-approved 1099 Copy A forms (pre-printed in red) in your printer and print all pages except the last page of the PDF, which is the 1096.
  • Load the same number of 1099 Copy B forms (pre-printed in black) in your printer and repeat the print step above.
  • Under the “Form 1096” column, click “View/Print.”  A PDF will download.
  • Load your pre-printed IRS-approved 1096 form in your printer and print only the last page of the PDF. You only need to file one copy of the 1096 with the IRS.

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