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Before You Create 1099 Forms

At the end of the calendar year, you may need to print and send a Form 1099 for each vendor that you paid. You will also print a Form 1096, which is a summary of all 1099s you have issued. See the IRS instructions for when a 1099 is required to be sent.

Before you create and print your year-end Form 1099s for your vendors, you should follow
these four steps to confirm everything is correct:

Step 1: View your vendor list under Accounting > Your Company > Vendors. Confirm that the “Create 1099” column is set to “Yes” for everyone who needs a 1099. To change this setting, click the Vendor name and edit the Vendor Info screen. Check or uncheck the “Create 1099 at Year End?” box, and click Save.

Step 2: Run the Missing 1099 Information Report to confirm all vendors have their tax ID number, which is required to print their 1099. You cannot print a 1099 for a vendor with missing information. Find the report under Reports > 1099 Contractor Reports > Missing 1099 Information.

Step 3: Run the 1099 Summary Report to confirm amounts are correct. Find the report under Reports > 1099 Contractor Reports > 1099/1096 Summary.

Step 4: If this is your first time printing the forms, you will be prompted to set the printing options for the 1099 and 1096. Go to Settings > 1099 Contractor Settings > 1099/1096 Print Layout. For details on how to align the forms for printing, see Print Set-Up For 1099/1096 Forms.

After you have completed these four steps, you can now create Forms 1099 and 1096 and then print them on IRS-approved 1099-MISC and 1096 forms or 1099-NEC and 1096 forms. You can order these supplies from the IRS website or at 1-800-TAX-FORMS.

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