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1099 Summary Report for Patriot Software

The 1099 Summary report shows a preview of information that will be printed on the 1099 for each vendor. This is helpful at the end of the year to confirm that all payments have been properly reported in the correct boxes on Form 1099.

Use the following steps to view your 1099 Summary report:

  • Go to: Reports > 1099 Contractor Reports > 1099/1096 Summary
  • Select the “1099 Contractor Summary” Report in the dropdown.
  • Select the tax year.
  • Select the Contractors you want to include.
  • To make changes to the amounts shown, you can make additional payments or update the payment history for payments that you made outside of Patriot Software.

To view a summary of all 1099s together, see our help article, 1096 Summary Report for Patriot Software.

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