New HR Fields and Demographic Report

demographic report


Some employers need to keep track of and report on important EEO information and veteran status to comply with mandatory reporting.

Now customers who have Patriot’s HR Software will have the ability to add important demographic information for their employees.

The HR software will allow employers to easily record the following information for employees:

  1. Race
  2. EEO Class
  3. Veteran Status

In addition, if the employee has registered for their employee portal, they can self-identify their race and veteran status on their Personal Info page and this will automatically show in their record.

For more information about adding new HR information please read our help articles Adding Human Resources Information for a New Employee and Tracking EEO Data in Patriot.

Patriot HR has also added a Demographic Report that will provide a snapshot of all active employee demographic information within a given date range.

For more information, check out our Demographic Report help article.

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